footpath The "footpath" is to walk while enjoying landscape of the truth that
is from a long time ago. WAKKANAI has the below three walking routes. 1. Soyahill course : the periglacial terrain and windmill group, 2.Wakkanai park course: the cultural heritage and historical monuments, 3.Noshappu cape course : the coastal road
"sake" brewery "The Rice of Shonai is VERY good".
We teach to you the secrets of the taste of the Shonai rice.Under the blessing of Mogami River and Chokai Mountain, it is said to be full-fledged rice farming began 400 years ago in the Shonai Plain.Sakata, which was one of the integrated land of rice , has been thriving as a port of hKitamaebuneh(westbound route) to carry the good rice to Sakai. This time we will have the experience classroom in order to rediscover the rice taste in Sakata where rice in Shonai has been gathered.
zen maditation training Zen meditation and Sutra transcribing is the quiet boom. Because it has the effects of development of the spiritual strength and increase the concentration of your mind. You can experience them in the temple belonging to the Zen sect, Taining Temple of the Soto sect.
potter's wheel TAJIMI, where is blessed with rich nature and source of a river, has prospered as the ceramic ware culture town for a long term. You can experience in this town the making of ceramics using the potter's wheel .
"Santa Maria" cruising The sightseeing Cruise ship 'Santa Maria' is a scale of approximately 2 times in a motif of the Columbus flagship which arrived at the New World . You can enjoy the wonderful scenery and cruise around the Osaka Bay.
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