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About privacy protection
Our company has recognized the responsibility of observing the safety control of the information strictly, as a company which deals with a customerr's important information, and has positioned privacy protection as one of the highest priorities. In order to practice this certainly, the following privacy policies are defined, and it strives for suitable handling and management of personal information.
1). The management representative of the personal information is put on the section which deals properly with managemet of the customer's personal information.
2). When we are allowed to collect your personal information, we will notify in advance the contact for the site related to the personal information and the purpose and use of collection of the personal information of the required range. We do not collect your personal information without permission or by unfair way.
3). .Within the range of the purpose of collection which is notified on the basis of the preceding paragraph,
we will make the use and provision of the personal information. If it is out of the range of the purpose of collection of the personal information, in advance we shall obtain the customer's consent.
4). Except the case of the provisions in the preceding paragraph and provision in the laws and regulations,
your personal information will not be disclosed to a third party.
5). .Against risks of unauthorized access, loss , destruction, falsification and leakage etc,related to the personal information,we shall take the necessary and sufficient safety measures.
6) If you want to wish to query and modify personal information, please contact the site contact regarding personal information. We will respond it promptly within a reasonable range.
Please tell us the inquiry about private information proctection to info@avantours.jp.
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